The Jaded City

The Jaded City

I was born in Jeffersonville, Indiana on July 30, 1972. My parents are both from Western Kentucky (Muhlenberg and Caldwell counties) and we moved several times as I was growing up. I attended Kindergarten in Central City, KY; First Grade was in Madisonville, KY at Grapevine Elementary; Second and Third Grade were in Louisville, KY at Wilder Elementary and then we moved to Silver Spring, Maryland.

I attended Fourth through Seventh Grade in Silver Spring, MD and I consider that period of time my “formative years” – my educational time in Maryland was spent at Galway Elementary and Benjamin Banneker Junior High School. At the end of my Seventh Grade year, we moved back to Kentucky and I attended Paducah Middle School and Paducah Tilghman High School, graduating in 1990.

I attended Emory University in Atlanta, GA, graduating with a BA in Anthropology and English in 1994. I maintained an avid interest in role-playing games, and was fortunate to gain an internship with White Wolf Game Studio in 1993 and ultimately was hired into their Marketing department. I worked with them until 1995.

I returned to school, pursuing my MBA in International Business at Georgia State University in Atlanta, GA. I graduated in 1999 and was fortunate enough to obtain an externship with Wal-Mart Germany. I returned to Atlanta in July of 2000 and began to work as a freelance consultant in the areas of marketing and business development. I was fortunate to work with various clients, including several game companies. The most exciting was joining the toy/game company start-up Atomoton, Inc., which included several employees from my earlier White Wolf days. Ultimately, I decided to return once again to school. I enrolled in the University of Georgia, in Athens, GA, to pursue my MA in Linguistics.

I moved to Athens, GA in 2002 and have had a very interesting and unique time in this college town. It was my first time to ever live in a “pure” college town, where the university dominates all aspects of living in the town, especially during football season. I left Athens in 2008 and returned to Atlanta where I taught at Westwood College until 2010. I then relocated for family reasons to Indianapolis, Indiana for one year, and then again to Paducah, Kentucky. I now live and work in Western Kentucky. I am adjunct faculty at Murray State University in Murray, KY and West Kentucky Community and Technical College in Paducah, KY. I enjoy teaching First-Year Composition and Humanities.